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Activities in Saint Raphaël 

Midway between Cannes and Saint-Tropez (38 kms), Saint-Raphaël is a small seaside resort on the Mediterranean shoreline, built just below the superb Estérel mountains, in the heart of a protected area. With such an easy access, there is no reason to hesitate. So, for a while (the weekend), you could get a load of energy under the sun of the French Riviera.

There are plenty of activities near Nouvel Hôtel in Saint-Raphaël, at a few meter walk to the « Plage du Veillat » beach. You sure will discover an exceptional place to spend good times as a family or with friends. Diving, sailing. It’s an ideal opportunity to reach out towards new horizons.

Activities in Saint Raphaël, in the city center

All that remains today from the ancient « quartier du village » is a few narrow and shady cobblestone streets. That’s the old town, where a daily flower and vegetable market is taking place. You will find there true provencal foodstuff.

Further stands the Roman church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, extended at the eighteenth century but built at the twelfth century. Today, the archeological museum takes place in its presbytary. The watchtower from the 14th century is 22 meters high and thus giving a splendid view over Saint-Raphaël.

The “Quartier de la Marine” (Navy neighborhood), where fishermen used to hang around, has been transformed in a seaside resort. A gambling casino, many mansions and shops have been built to create a new attractive city center.

Famous landmarks

Notre-Dame de la Victoire Basilica: built by Pierre Aublé between 1882 and 1889, it is representative of the Roman-Byzantine style very much in fashion at the Belle Époque.

Underwater prehistory and archeology Museum: it holds collections of remains of early local heritage, from prehistory and Roman antiquity, coming from underwater excavation. Digital visit is available.

The « promenade des Bains » (bathing boardwalk): it has been built between 1880 and 1882, and it used to be known as the “Terrasse des Bains” (bathing terrace). This happened to be the beginning of the tourist era in Saint-Raphaël.

Activities in Saint Raphaël, parks and gardens

Near Nouvel Hôtel in Saint-Raphaël, at a short walk along the shoreline, Jardin Beaurivage is a green area dedicated to relaxation and laziness. Little ones will enjoy its gaming areas while grown-ups will enjoy its shady spots. Free access.

Jardin Bonaparte, a garden sitting on higher ground, is providing a superb view of the surroundings, including Old Port and Saint-Raphaël bay. Its central area is a public square park with gaming areas for children. In the summertime, many concerts are taking place here.





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