Cultural discoveries

The location, in the heart of the city, of the New hotel gives you the opportunity to discover the diversity of activities offered throughout the year.

Discover the Notre-Dame district and its magnificent residences on a journey retracing their history and that of the personalities who lived there. But alsotwo large museums: the Museum of History, Prehistory and Underwater Archeology and the Louis de Funès Museum dedicated to his life and work. In the same waythe Lido, modern multiplex, with 7 air-conditioned rooms.

Belle Époque Villa - Notre-Dame - Saint-Raphaël

Belle Epoque villa tour

Twenty illustrated panels mark this circuit to highlight an exceptional architectural heritage, a reminder of a rich past and testifying to the history of Saint-Raphaël.

Many personalities who came to enjoy the mild winters of the Côte d'Azur chose to build these splendid residences there.with a typical style, namely Palladian, Anglo-Norman and Moorish.

museum-of-history-of-prehistory-and-underwater-archeology-saint raphaël

Museum of History and Underwater Archeology

Wander through the meandering stones of the cryptsarchaeological sites where 2000 years of history follow one another, then visitthe history and archaeological museum underwater and prehistoric, andthe Romanesque church. Don't forget to climb to the top of the medieval tower, where you will discover an exceptional 360° view ofSaint-Raphaël. Free entry and self-guided visit.


Louis de Funès Museum

He is like the actor: joyful and passionate! The museum was built in “ambiences”, each room retraces a part of the artist’s life or career.

You will find thereof extracts from all his successes in videos and in images, some reconstructed gags, sets and other treasures like hairpieces and wigs which will remind you of all his great roles.


Lido Cinemas

It benefits from state-of-the-art equipment, digital sound, 3D projection, as well as a popcorn kiosk and a relaxation area.

It is also a program rich in discoveries, between new productions of great classics and contemporary works which make opera an art more alive than ever.


Urban art trail

Stroll through the streets and discover around twenty works on the facades.

By leaving their prints on the walls of the city, urban artists including those of LOKISS, RATUR, SCKARO, AKHINE, BROK, ABES, SOKLAK, CIB STENCIL, M. ONE TEAS, John MEJIA, MEPHISTO, Sandrine LORENZO… have created and enriched the Open Air Museum to initiate a form of “gallery city” in the heart of Saint-Raphaël.


Roc d'Azur
The sea in the heart of the city

Visit Saint-Raphael

Under the sun of the Côte d'Azur, discover our paradise.

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